Past CERI Projects

Acquisition and Retention of Team Coordination in Command-and-Control

This was a project sponsored by the US Air Force.  In this project we addressed the development of team coordination with experience and over lengthy intervals without practice in situations in which the team retains the same or different members over time through two experiments and dynamical systems modeling.  Our objective was to quantify team coordination for assessment and intervention purposes and understand the dynamics of coordination as a team develops (2004-2006).

Team-Based Assessment of Socio-Technical Logistics (TASL)

In collaboration with AFRL/HEAL and Northrop Grumman IT.  In this project CERI observed logistics collaboration, reviewed relevant literature, and advised on research directions in this area.  (2005-2006).


CERI has partnered with Aptima Inc. and Carnegie Mellon University in the development of an Instrument for Measuring and Advancing Group Environmental Situational Awareneness (IMAGES).  The purpose of IMAGES is to provide researchers, as well as commanders in the field, with a real-time capability for identifying threats to organizational situation awareness.  Detection of threats to organizational situation awareness presents a stepping stone to many problems in cognitive engineering, including how to assess threats to information dominance and information warfare.  Under IMAGES, CERI capitalized on existing technology by developing ChainMaster software, which automates the analysis of Procedural Networks (ProNets) originally defined by Cooke, Neville, and Rowe (1996).  The ChainMaster kernel was incorporated into the global IMAGES framework allowing users to identify change in large-scale networks of interaction given critical events that effect organizational structure (e.g., email patterns in large corporation, Enron).  The implimintation of IMAGES for real-time network analysis in ongoing, however the ChainMaster component has revealed that low-level information flow data is sensitive to abrupt changes in large-scale organizational structure.

Intelligent Decluttering with Kutta Consulting. 

CERI worked with Kutta on an AFRL SBIR to determine human factors issues pertaining to various approaches to decluttering of displays (2006).

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