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Cognitive Engineering
Research Institute
7565 East Eagle Crest Dr.
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Mesa, AZ 85207

P: 480-988-7306


Storytelling as an Instructional Method Workshop: In search of Theoretical and Empirical Foundations

November 7 & 8, 2006

Conducted by: Dr. Dee H. Andrews, Air Force Research Laboratory

Sponsored by: Dr. Jerome R. Busemeyer and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research

Hosted by: The Cognitive Engineering Research Institute

Welcome and Introduction; Gagne’s Theories of Instruction and Campbell’s Theories of Mythology: How they help us Understand Why Stories Work in Teaching; Dee H. Andrews, Air Force Research Laboratory.

Design Theory for Story Based Instruction; William R. Watson, Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis. 

Scenario Based Training – Lessons from Development and Implementation; Alan Spiker, Anacapa Sciences, Inc.

Problem-based Learning as an Instructional Strategy and Storytelling as an Instructional Strategy; John Savery, University of Akron.

What’s so Special about Stories? A Review of Relevant Cognition Literature; Russell J. Branaghan, Arizona State University Polytechnic. 

AXL.Net: Web-Enabled, Multimedia Case Method Instruction for Accelerating Tacit Knowledge Acquisition in Leaders; Julia M. Kim, University of Southern California.

Interactive Storytelling for Experience Management in Virtual World Training Simulations; Mark Riedl, University of Southern California.

Tactical Knowledge Elicitation; Barbara A. Black, Army Research Institute. 

Interactive Digital Storytelling: Synthesizing Storytelling Theory, Training Theory, and Video Game Design Theory; William R. Watson, Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis. 

IMAT- Interactive Multisensor Analysis and Training; Sandra K. Wetzel-Smith and Wallace H. Wulfeck, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center. 

Break-out Session Summaries
All Workshop Notes Grouped by Themes the Breakout Groups were asked to Address.  This document presents the unedited notes that were taken during each breakout session. It is organized around the four main themes that breakout groups were asked to address. The four main themes are; definition/theory, research issues, research approach, and real world applications of storytelling method research. The four breakout groups were; case-based method of instruction, narrative-based, problem-based, and scenario-based.

All workshop notes are grouped by storytelling method (case-based, narrative-based, problem-based, and scenario-based). Each groups’ comments for all key themes (definition/theory, research issues, research approach, and real world applications) are clustered here.

Ongoing Discussions
To continue the discussion, click here for the Storytelling as an Instructional Method Workshop/CERI Message Board.

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