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Abstracts & Presentations
Demo: The Predator UAV Synthetic Task Environment; Ball, J. & Gluck, K.  Click here for Abstract.
UAV Crew Systems Research at Ft. Huachuca; Barnes, M. & Warner, J.  Click here for Abstract.
Issues in Natural Dialogue Interaction with Teams of UAVs; Cavedon, L. Harrison, P. Peters, S. Provine, R. & Wojcik, R. Click here for Abstract.
Team Coordination and UAV Operation; Cooke, N.  Click here for Abstract.
Supervisory Control of Multiple Autonomous Airborne Vehicles: Lessons Learned from Tactical Tomahawk Human-in-the-Loop Experiments;  Cummings, M. & Geurlain, S. Click here for Abstract.
UAV Human Factors Research within AFRL/HEC; Draper, M. Calhoun, G. Patzek, M. & Feitshans, G.  Click here for Abstract Click here for Movie.
Human vs. Autonomous Control of UAV-Based Surveillance: Optimizing allocation of decision-making responsibilities; Freed, M. Harris, R. & Shafto, M.  Click here for Abstract.
Cognitive Modeling in Human Factors (Generally) and in Predator UAV Operations (Specifically); Gluck, K. Ball, J. Krusmark, M. Purtee, M. & Rodgers, S.  Click here for Abstract.
Designing Humans for Unmanned Systems; Goldfinger, J.  Click here for Abstract.
Mini-UAV Telemetry and Imaging Visualization for Searching Tasks; Goodrich, M. & Quigley, M.  Click here for Abstract.
Challenges UAV operators face in maintaining spatial orientation; Gugerty, L.  Click here for Abstract.
Wright State University’s Human Centered Research Involving Uninhabited Vehicles in Military-Focused Domains; Hill, R. Narayanan, S. & Gallimore, J.  Click here for Abstract.
Airspace Coordination and Air Traffic Control Interaction Requirements for UAV Operators; Hottman, S. Holloman, W. & Sortland, K.  Click here for Abstract.
Supporting Optimized Manning for Unmanned Vehicles; Lamoureux, T; Bruyn, L; Webb, R; Fraser, S.  Click here for Abstract.
Interfaces for Controlling Teams of Wide Area Search Munitions; Lewis, M; Manojlovich, J.  Click here for Abstract.
System for Controlling a Hijacked Aircraft; Matos, J; Milde Jr, K.  Click here for Abstract.
Delegation Approaches to Multiple Unmanned Vehicle Control; Miller, C; Funk, H; Goldman, R.  Click here for Abstract.
The Influence of Coordination and Collaboration Instructions on UAV Team Performance; Park, E; Hinsz, V.  Click here for Abstract.
Joint HSI Considerations in a UAV System of Systems; Risser, D; Drillings, M; Dolan, N; Hover, G.  Click here for Abstract.
Unmanned cannot be Untrained: Synthetic Agents for UAV Operations Training; Ryder, J; Bell, B. Click here for Abstract.
Impact of Prior Flight Experience on Learning Predator UAV Operator Skills; Schreiber, B; Lyon, D; Martin, E.  Click here for Abstract.
A Shift in Automation Philosophy from Manned to Unmanned Systems; Shively, J.  Click here for Abstract.
Human-Machine Interaction Concepts For The Unmanned Combat Armed Rotorcraft; Spura, T; Miller, C.  Click here for Abstract Click here for Movie.
Interface for Non-pilot UAV Control; Still, D; Eskridge, T; Temme, L.  Click here for Abstract.
Comparing Visual Cues Necessary for Inner- and Outer-Loop Control; Sweet, B; Kaiser, M.  Click here for Abstract.
The Spatial Standard Observer as a tool for design of UAV viewing systems; Watson, A; Ahumada Jr, A.  Click here for Abstract.

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