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The term “unmanned” is misleading when used in the context of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) as well as other remotely operated vehicles. UAV operations involve many people ranging from those in the UAV ground control station and Air Operations Center to those in nearby manned aircraft. Analogies of UAV operations to manned flight or air traffic control tasks misrepresent the complexity of UAV operations. Trends toward reduced staffing of operations, increased number of vehicles to control, and integration with other air operations and combat functions are all associated with critical human factors issues. By hosting the Human Factors of UAVs Workshop, CERI has united the human factors research community with the UAV operational community to identify the critical human factors challenges associated with UAV operations. These workshops provide a venue for disseminating peer-reviewed research results in this growing area. CERI is also working with research partners to understand the decision-making problems that UAV operators face and to develop user interfaces to support such decisions.

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