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Human Factors of RPAs

Team Coordination and Synthetic Teammates

Cognitive Engineering
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Context of Research
CERI conducts research in the context of complex socio-technical systems involving intense cognitive work among teams, such as:

RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft) human system integration

UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicle) operations

Planning (Military, emergency response)

Extreme Environments


Emergency management

Homeland and Cyber Security

Core Competencies
CERI strives to increase competencies in the following (highly interrelated) areas:

Methods for understanding complex socio-technical systems

Cognitive Task Analysis

Experimentation in field or the design/development of Synthetic (Cognitive) Task Environment

Measurement of team performance, team process, and team cognition (team situation awareness, & team coordination) for assessment, diagnosis, prediction, etc.

Real-time/task-embedded, intermittent, and post-processed

Content-free communications analysis

Empirical understanding of various factors (task, environment, team, and individual) in complex socio-technical systems. For instance:

Training intervention

Team composition

Retention interval

Teamwork experience

Remote/distributed command and control operations

Models of cognitive activity in socio-technical systems

Dynamical Systems Modeling of human/team performance

Intelligent agents as: decision aids, synthetic teammates, system evaluators, supervisors of complex tasks, and task/workload management

Theoretical development in complex socio-technical systems

Team cognition

Team situation awareness

Team expertise/high performing teams

Guidance on applications in complex socio-technical systems

Declutter UAV displays

Intelligent agents

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