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Cognitive Engineering
Research Institute
7565 East Eagle Crest Dr.
Ste. 105
Mesa, AZ 85207

P: 480-988-7306


CERI provides undergraduate students, graduate students, and college/university faculty collaborative research opportunities. Faculty research associates are given the opportunity to participate in joint proposals to seek funding for their research. Graduate students have the opportunity to obtain experience in experimental design process. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to assist researchers with data collection and statistical analysis. If interested in participating in a research study with CERI, please contact us.

CERI is always seeking new partners for collaboration. If interested in partnering with CERI or making a donation, please contact us.

Women in Science
CERI contributes to the advancement of women in science, mathematics, and engineering. By providing role models, publicizing achievement, and strong encouragements of women, and mentoring, CERI strives to create the climate for women to thrive in scientific fields.

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